Monday, January 24, 2005

Too soon 

Bollocks. It had to happen. Some bird has covered “The Whole of the Moon”. Badly. I’m sure this didn’t happen in my youth. We had covers, but they were better, surely. There must be legions of smug bastard record industry types sitting around going through single digit “Now That’s What I Call Music” CDs trying to find suitable material for their latest protégé. The only benefit so far of this lack of originality is the history lesson that is the Elvis re-releases. Damn. Why haven’t I got a job like that? My current one is keeping me too busy to blog, apart from the occasional rant.

To reassure those who may be concerned about my loneliness and disillusionment with the expat life, given my recent post and generally sparse communication, I would like to tell you about my dinner last night. Sitting on the deck outside my house, in the warm evening, we ate crayfish caught by yours truly, dressed with my home made mayonnaise, and washed down with Villiera’s delicious sparkling wine. The only downside is the sunburn sustained whilst crayfishing, making it very uncomfortable to be wearing a collar & tie now I’m back at a desk. Life's not so bad!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Memory and fate driven deep beneath the waves 

I note that Michael Schumacher, the world's second richest sportsman, has donated $10 million to tsunami disaster relief. Good on yer Michael. Now, who is the world's richest sportsman, I hear you ask? Tiger Woods of course. Where is his mother from? Thailand.

My faith in human nature suggests that either Mr Woods prefers anonymity, or I missed the news item. Either way, I think the Bill Gates / Ted Turner style competition as to who can give the most is a great thing. Will someone please explain to our premier league footballers that a god given talent to kick a ball is simply the opposite end of the scale of fortune from a tidal wave? Hopefully they can work the rest out for themselves. Hopefully.

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