Thursday, January 15, 2004

Got my Mojo working 

I’ve just bought the 10th anniversary issue of Mojo magazine. I know it’s a few months old – it came out in November last year – but the best way to get UK magazines here is to buy them cheap at a place called Paperweight. I recognise the first issue from its picture in one of the articles. I must have bought it when I was living in a flat in London’s east end with 5 assorted yuppies and weirdos. As I recall, we had at various times an Irish chef, a gay shop lifter, a hospital manager who supported Ipswich, a girl with black underwear who worked for Hansard, a civil engineer who never saw the light of day because he worked on the channel tunnel, a guy who left the flat to go to a job making models for Legoland, a lesbian who played football for Watford, a skinny social worker with a Spanish boyfriend, a Guardian journalist, and me. What a team. When someone invents the time machine, there will be a great market in time travels tours back to one’s own past for the purposes of dispensing advice.

Let’s see… “Don’t drink that – it’s been burning for the last 5 minutes.” “Call her – you’ll always regret it if you don’t.” “Buy Microsoft.”

Anyway, the Mojo purchase is part of my ongoing reimmersion in music. We're in a bit of a backwater here, with many CD shops still keeping Oasis under 'alternative', so I've lost contact with what's going on. Via a few friends with reliable tastes, and the odd imported CD, I'm starting to get back into it.

Maybe I need an output for my creative side. Something to satisfy my inner voice so that it doesn’t keep shouting at me. A blog. I can pretend to be a famous young author road testing his latest manuscript by pretending to be an unpublished saddo writing an online stream of consciousness diary. Or something.

Listening to: loads of old stuff I last heard at college, now replaced on CD, and finding myself noticing the missing scratches I had faithfully preserved on tape.

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