Saturday, January 17, 2004

I and I 

So: Me. Ex-pat Brit living in Cape Town, which is in South Africa, in case you were wondering. For Americans, South Africa is at the bottom end of Africa (the clue is in the title), and Cape Town is in the bottom left hand corner. Don’t come here – there are too many foreigners already. I’m currently sitting in an office wondering what to do with all my spare time between projects, and wondering if anyone will read this stuff. So far so good.

I moved to Cape Town when my South African wife talked me in to it. I had been here before, so it took her about 5 minutes. It was not a career driven decision (the clue is in the title again), but then I was old enough to have worked out that my 'career' was not the only thing in my life. I've also worked out that there are lots of ways of defining a 'good' job. I'm a slow learner. Since we arrived, I have been part of taking my first employer into insolvency, started my own business, been part of a management buyout of another, which I subsequently sued. And I came here for an easy life.

As well as the work related strife, I've been getting in some practice on my mid-life crisis, so I bought a 30 year old sports car. In the intervening 4 years, we've also acquired two kids, who have nowhere to sit, so I may need to get another car with a back seat. And a roof.

Listening to: The Thrills, So Much for the City (thanks Stu!)

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