Thursday, January 29, 2004

Left up on the shelf 

Exclusive Books sale started this morning. Piles of Peter McCarthy's 'The Road to McCarthy' (which I very much enjoyed), in both book and tape form. Is that the ultimate downer for an author – flogged off cheap because someone over-estimated your popularity and over-stocked on your oeuvre? Or is it just a rush to see your name, and picture in this case, on a book regardless of circumstances? I'd like to find out, obviously, so Peter, please drop me a line: details to the right.

Soon to be reading: my sale purchases: Glue by Irvine Walsh; Elephant & the Flea by Charles Handy; Grandma went to the Market (has pictures, so have read this one already. Out loud. To the kids. It rhymes too! Definitely the best of 3 books we have by the same author, whose name I can’t remember.)

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