Friday, January 23, 2004

You drive me crazy 

Things that piss me off about driving in Cape Town:

People who don't indicate:
Indicating is a sign of weakness - if you signal your intention to change lanes, then the guy behind will close the gap. OK, that's me too, but it's a survival technique.

People who don't know how roundabouts work:
Just because you're going straight, it doesn't mean you have priority

Portable speed cameras:
Fixed cameras you can spot, but when the police are equipped with mobile jobs on tripods, that's not fair.

Cars that should not be on the road in the first place:
Why aren't the tripod police arresting people for driving cars with no lights, brakes, or tread on their tyres instead of sending me fines for doing 110km/h on an empty motorway?

Enormous off road vehicles:
Always clean and shiny (usually polished by the gardener), and driven by people (OK, women) who have no idea where the extremities of their vehicle are.

Taxis that use hazard lights instead of indicators:
Usually the lights mean "I am pulling over now", but sometimes it means "I am about to swerve across both lanes to drop off this friend of mine. Take your best guess."

Listening to: something soothing.

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