Wednesday, February 18, 2004

And his hair was perfect 

It is a well known fact that groups of women living in close proximity find that their menstrual cycles become synchronised. It happens in nunneries, or girls' boarding schools. One theory goes that it was pre-programmed a way for the women of the caveman tribe to get the blokes to do a bit of hunting. I don't know if it would have been the PMT or the lack of nookie that sent them after a mammoth dinner, but either one could have worked.

Anyway, I have discovered a similar phenomenon. Blokes working together tend to get their hair cut at about the same time. Honest. It happened today, and it’s happened before. I came in having had a haircut (and a particularly fine one too, if I say so myself), and so does my colleague, A. Freaky. You heard it here first.

Listening to: Springsteen, Born in the USA. This was my first Bruce album. I used to be able to put it on shuffle, then sit down across the room, and call the next song, before it started, from the track number that came up on the CD player. These days I can’t even read the track number from across the room. I’m still word perfect though, even on the interjections – Big Man, play that saxophone!

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