Friday, February 06, 2004

Don't believe what I saw 

More road rage. This time a police car stopped half way across a junction, blocking traffic trying to cross. Classic. Being a Brit, and brought up on the good old unarmed, impeccable, unbribeable British Bobby, the police anywhere else are usually a bit of a disappointment. My experience of South Africa's police is, I'm happy to say, based mostly on observation, plus the occasional love letter from a speed camera.

Things I have spotted on the roads so far:
- a policeman talking on the cellphone whilst driving (which is illegal here)
- a policeman smoking whilst driving a police car
- a police car with one of those furry pink panthers stuck to the back window.

I swear that the last one is true. At least it wasn't Garfield.

Listening to: Solomon Burke: Don't Give Up On Me - soothing enough even for police related road rage.

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