Thursday, March 25, 2004

Moving on 

My life is currently split in two by our impending impending move. Everything is either Before Moving or After Moving. This makes prioritisation of tasks quite easy, and anything AM is a world away. It’s rather like Christmas feels when you’re about six years old. AM exists at the moment only in the abstract – the concept of actually living in that building site is tricky to grasp. Another reason that AM and BM are so different is that my hyper efficient wife has packed away a lot of stuff in preparation for the move, so there are a lot of empty spaces and heavy boxes. Decision making is simplified:

The drawer it was in is empty? AM.
Paying the builder? BM, or we can't move in.
Doing my tax return? AM. I can christen the new study with my sweat and tears.
Fixing the car? Trickier this one. Quite a lot has gone on the blink lately. Indicators & overdrive BM; speedo AM. Probably, unless it turns out to be easy or fun.

This year, next year, sometime, never.

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