Friday, March 19, 2004

What’s good is bad, what’s bad is good 

I’ve been browsing some blogs lately. My favourites are mostly in the sidebar. What makes a good one? I think it’s a certain hit rate as far as good posts are concerned. Not everyone can post a cracker everyday, so what makes it worthwhile is when a certain proportion of posts are worth reading.

It’s like albums, or movies. You need the contrast to make you realise how good the good bits are. A Blood on the Tracks wouldn’t be so great if you didn’t know that the same guy was capable of releasing a Slow Train Coming. Within the album it’s the same: a Darlington County balanced with a Downbound Train. Yin & yang. Or something.

A little quality can go a long way. Ask Ringo.

Listening to: Chuck Berry. Just realised that Bruce’s “It was bye-bye New Jersey, we were airborne” was nicked from You Can’t Catch Me.

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