Friday, April 02, 2004

We’re going on a holiday 

If there are any regular readers out there, then you’ll have to be patient for a few days. The family and I are heading off down the coast to Plettenberg Bay. Hopefully, in between chasing my kids along the beach, we can avoid thinking about what the builders are doing while we are gone. Maybe more consulting projects will come in while I am gone as well. That might slow the blogging down a bit when I get back. In the meantime, I shall be eating prawns and drinking beer at the Lookout, catching up on my reading, searching for pansy shells, and generally lazing about. When the kids are asleep.

It’s a beautiful time of year in this part of the world, with warm days and cool nights. We even had a Joburg-style thunderstorm in Cape Town yesterday morning. I heard the dog barking, then noticed the flashes. In my semi-comatose state, I couldn’t work out why somebody would want to take flash photos of the dog in the middle of the night. Then I heard the thunder, and the rain started. Don’t tell anyone though – it’s the secret season.

Listening to: Bloody Barney probably. For 6 hours in the car.

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