Sunday, May 16, 2004

Dreaming of the quiet life 

I can’t summon the energy, or the focus for a coherent piece, so here are a few things that I need to get off my mind:

The bloody mechanic did a really crap job on my car. He’s a very likeable bloke, but way too sodding casual. He’s got the width of the boot to traverse with wires for the fuel pump, and a fuel pipe. In that space he doesn’t use one wire, or one pipe, he seems to have used spare bits he had lying around, then cobbled them together: in the case of the wires, with tatty electrical tape, and the pipe with jubilee clips that scrape the floor of the boot. I could have done it better myself. And he broke the seatbelt clip, and he didn’t fix the steering like I asked him to, and paid him for. Fucking hell. OK, I’ve finished now.

On a happier note, one of the nice things about this whole blogging vibe is the virtual community. I find from the (very sparse) comments that two of my favourite bloggers visit me from time to time. I’m thinking of adding it to my header “Pom du Cap: as read by Black Rat and Scaryduck”. Thanks guys! If there’s anyone else from the sidebar list sneaking in anonymously, please let me know!

Holy crap, my Dad has a blog! (Hello Dad, if you’re reading.) Don’t they have an age limit for this kind of thing?

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