Monday, May 31, 2004

Every night and day 

Working all weekend - is it weird to quite enjoy it? We've got a busy week coming up in consulting land, and so a couple of things to prepare, hence late nights in the office, living on junk snacks and deliveries from local restaurants. The good news is that Telkom finally figured out how to connect us to ADSL, so we've got a big fat pipe for all that important research work on the web. And listening to Virgin Radio from London. 80s Saturday, and I still know all the words.

Having got home (at about 10 on a Saturday night) I'm now sitting up in bed and typing all this on my new gizmo. It's a Tungsten T3, which is rather nifty - a forced replacement of the plain old 'T' that got run over. Long story, but I think it's safe to say that the damage sustained is not covered by the warranty, and takes it well beyond economic repair. The impressive bit though, is that Palm, bless 'em, assume that the conversion is an upgrade, so plug the thing in, hot synch, and Bob's your uncle. Very slick.

The downside to spending all my waking hours in the office is not spending any time with the kids, except the brief burst of breakfast chaos before I go. People aren't meant to do this kind of thing in Cape Town - the Big Sleepy. To be fair they don't really. The easiest way to find your car after a day's work at a client with a large car park is to wait until about 5.30 before you leave the office, then the car park is about 80% empty. Sometimes that kind of job appeals, a comfortable office with a big desk and a secretary, lots of golf days, and bored out of my skull. So much for that idea.

Listening to: The Vapors, Blondie, Bowie, The Clash, Aztec Camera... All on my tinny laptop speakers.

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