Tuesday, May 11, 2004

On the road again 

At last. I collected my car tonight, after about two weeks of “probably tomorrow” from the mechanic. It’s great to have it back, but it’s bloody annoying to find that the – admittedly fragile – seat belt clip is broken. More serious is that the boot will no longer stay up. My guess is that he got fed up working with the boot lid falling on him, and took it off for better access to the fuel pump, which is in the boot. Now he’s put it back, probably in a hurry, and he hasn’t got it right.

It’s the same kind of thing with the house - once you have moved in, the builder is gone, so getting him back – like taking the car back – to fix the small things is not worth it, and I just end up doing it myself. While I am doing this, of course, I am working on new swear words and curses to bring down on the half-finishers of jobs. Don’t get me started on the Italian kitchen installer – nice kitchen, but take your attitude and stick it up your arse.

Maybe it’s a working environment where I am dealing with clients that makes me so terribly demanding. I can see it now: “Well, we’ve done the analysis for your start up opportunity. We might have made a couple of mistakes with the financial projections, but we figured you’d pick those up after you’ve invested the funding and employed the first 20 or so people. I’m sure that will be OK?” Or maybe not.

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