Friday, June 25, 2004

Your mind can play tricks 

Sometimes when your mind wanders, it gets lost. I have noticed that when I am bored, usually in less than electric meetings, my mind will throw up random memories from the past. These are never related in any way to what is going on, but seem to be the product of some rogue neuron with a loose connection. During a meeting yesterday, for example, I suddenly remembered, in great clarity, a meal out with my Mum’s sister’s family, which must have occurred about 20 years ago.

My brother and I and our cousins were all kids at the time, and I remember the pavement outside the restaurant, with bollards along the edge, and grey, wet cobbles in the street. I am sure I haven’t thought about that night for years. It must have been somebody’s birthday, as I can only remember eating out with the same group a handful of times. I don’t remember anything notable happening though, and certainly no connection with the meeting I was dozing through.

This probably has some medical significance. Is there a doctor in the house?

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