Friday, December 03, 2004

A comfortable bed that won’t hurt my back 

You may recall a certain back problem suffered by yours truly. I’ve tried everything short of the local sangoma to put it right, culminating in sporadic attendance at a hitherto all female Pilates class. Finally I have discovered something that seems to help: an ear infection. The inside of my left ear has decided to swell up to the point where I am partially deaf, and touching the side of my head, let alone the ear itself, is bloody sore. This being the case, my habit of sleeping on my left side, facing the edge of the bed, is a non starter. The last three or four nights, therefore, have been spent on my right side or on my back. Result: a far more comfortable back. Either I get myself into an awkward position on my left side, or the mattress is worn out under the bit it is trying to support when I am that way round, but something has definitely changed for the better.

The only snag is that I wake up with elbow shaped dents in my ribs. Apparently I tend to snore a bit when I am supine.

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