Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Why wait any longer 

You may have noticed a certain slowing up of the material here. The good reason for that is that work has suddenly become much busier. As expected, the procrastination on the part of the client now become a time crisis for the consultant. ’Twas ever thus. One day I’m going to point out the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in the way that clients treat their consultants. The day I quit probably. They’ll spend tens of millions a year screwing something up, to baulk at paying us a fraction of that to put it right. They complain at our fees, having tried to equate them to salaries that we must earn, since only the executives earn that kind of money. Guess who’s making more difference to the business, guys? Now they prevaricate for three months, knocking that amount of growth off next year’s targets, and then the ensuing panic becomes our problem.

Anyway. Point proven in a meeting this afternoon. It transpires that the reason they do not know what to do next with one of their important projects is that they can’t figure out how to get from the analysis they have done to a set of things to do. Operations director: “we don’t have those skills within the business”. What, thinking??

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