Thursday, April 21, 2005

Confusion on the ground 

For a city that is noted by South Africans for its wind and rain, Cape Town always seems to react with shock and incompetence to a good storm. We had one the other day – very impressive from under the duvet. The following morning it was still raining. Rain seems to totally bewilder Cape Town’s drivers. Traffic jams all over the place, not helped by floods and dodgy robots, sorry traffic lights. Of my four colleagues, one was stranded after a weekend in Johannesburg, one took a detour on the way to work and spent two hours in the traffic, a third got in late having spent an hour or two unblocking pipes so that his living room could drain, and the fourth managed to deliver a nasty cut to his forehead with the car door. What a team. Would you hire these guys to fix your business?

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