Wednesday, March 08, 2006

You'd better leave 

I have a colleague / employee who just resigned. By email. Let's call him Phil.

Anyway he's now sitting in the office, sulkily serving out his notice period because not having him starting on what he wants to do next actually suits us. Trouble is, I'm now in the same situation as when you've just decided to dump a girlfriend (or a wife - haven't you got the Phil Collins link yet?). His continued presence just serves to remind me of all the reasons I don't want him around. He is from wealthy Cape Town stock, went to a very smart boys school in Cape Town - let's call it Curate's. Curate's boys are a breed apart, at least they like to think they are. They have that impenetrable arrogance and self confidence that comes from never having had to worry about how daddy was going to pay for whatever they needed next. This particular Curate's boy is particaularly irritating, being in possession of an Angelina Jolie style social conscience and a wealth of certain opinions on any topic you care to mention.

Did I mention he's a spoiled brat? This is what those kids who get what they want, when they want, grow up into - and I use the term "grow up" loosely. He's finding that people aren't bending to his will, so he's not a happy camper. I'd like to tell him all this, but it doesn't pay to vent at work, so I'm doing it here. Tosser.

Thanks for listening. I feel better now.

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